Why Gum Recession Treatment is Important:

• Alleviates sensitive teeth
• Lessens the chance of developing gum disease and root decay
• Makes the smile more attractive
• Offers natural protection to teeth

If you have gum recession, come and talk with us. Dr. David Williams can reverse the problem with gentle, fast results so you can look and feel your best. Call or contact us today so we can make an appointment for you!

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Success Of Treatment

Successful treatment depends on a variety of factors including:
  • Avoiding smoking or any type of tobacco
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Follow the instructions of your doctor
  • Avoid clenching or grinding your teeth
  • Enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Brush and floss gently

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The Importance of Treating Gum Recession in Pensacola, FL

Sensitive teeth and receding gums are a problem for many of the patients we see. Getting treatment for it is important because healthy gum tissue is essential for protecting your teeth and keeping your smile looking its best.  

Why Treatment for Gum Recession Matters

Gum recession usually develops slowly and for different reasons. Gum disease, which is caused by a bacterial overgrowth, is often the reason. The longer it remains untreated, the more likely it is for patients to experience sensitive teeth, loss of gum tissue and worse yet, missing teeth and bone loss.

The important first step is to find the cause of gum recession, sensitive teeth and other symptoms. Once we find out what is causing the gums to recede, we can suggest the appropriate treatment. In some cases, brushing too hard can cause the gums to push away and expose the tooth roots. Lifestyle habits such as smoking can also affect the gum line. If it is gum disease, we need to treat it right away, before we address the recession.

Patients with receding gums, sensitive teeth and other symptoms can find modern, effective treatment with Dr. Williams. Call or contact our office today so we can set up an appointment for you!