Whoopi's Osseous Gum Surgery Experience

Here is what the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) can do for you:

• Maintains healthy bone density in the jaw
• Decreases your chance of losing and replacing natural teeth
• Avoid the discomfort and stress of having conventional scalpel surgery
• Enjoy a faster recovery
• Reduce pocket depths with minimal to no gum recession

The Less Painful Way To Treat Gum Disease

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FAQ’s About Laser Periodontal Disease Treatment with Dr. Williams

Periodontal disease treatment has come a long way in recent years. Laser gum surgery in Pensacola, FL with Dr. David Williams is a gentle, highly effective solution for patients who want the most current treatment available. 

Q: Are gum disease and periodontal disease the same problem?

A: Gum disease is a term that refers to all stages of this oral infection. Early stage is called gingivitis, which irritates the gums and can be easily treated. Advanced periodontal disease occurs when bacteria get out of control and start destroying healthy gum and bone tissue. Laser gum surgery is an excellent treatment for moderate to advanced periodontal disease.

Q: Is periodontal disease treatment a painful procedure?

A: Laser gum surgery is favored by more patients precisely because it is minimally painful compared to traditional surgery, which uses a blade to cut away infected tissues. Laser periodontal disease treatment targets diseased tissue and bacteria without any cutting. It is faster and causes minimal bleeding and irritation.

Q: Does LANAP® have other therapeutic benefits?

A: What makes laser periodontal disease treatment so exceptional is its ability to encourage new bone to grow around your teeth. Laser is scientifically proven to help strengthen the bone structure that supports existing teeth. Plus, it does not disturb any healthy tissue, making gum recession of little concern.

Q: How safe is LANAP® compared to scalpel surgery?

A: Laser periodontal disease treatment is very safe and FDA cleared. So is the laser tool that Dr. Williams uses, the PerioLase® MVP-7™. Both the procedure and the laser are state of the art and have provided strong, healthy outcomes for thousands of happy patients. Dr. Williams is fully qualified and trained to use laser for gum disease treatment and other procedures.

Q: Is this the best treatment option for me?

A: When it comes to providing quality dental care, we treat every patient as an individual and assess his or her needs with great care. Most patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease are treated with laser because it is effective and only minimally painful. Dr. Williams looks forward to meeting with you to determine if it is the right procedure for you as well.

Laser gum surgery in Pensacola, FL with Dr. Williams is a gentle, highly effective solution for patients who want the most current treatment available for periodontal disease. Please call or contact us today so we can set up your appointment!